Kirche Rambow, Blick von Südost
  Lutheran Church in Rambow
from south
Webseite Kirche Rambow
      Hintere Kirchenansich, Friedhofseite
  Lutheran Church in Rambow
from northwest with the arms of
Berendt Ludolf von Maltzan and
his spouse Anna von Staffhorst, c. 1630
  Kirchenasicht Südost, Straßenseite Rambow Church

The Lutheran church in Rambow was built in the first half of the 16th century from boulder. Ulrich von Maltzan from Ulrichshusen was the first patron. Bernd-Ludolph von Maltzan prolongated the nave in the time of the Thirty Year’s War. The contemporary wooden coats of arms of him and his wife high on the Eastern gable commemorate this remarkable alteration. At the same time he had built the tower and a burial vault for him and his family. In 1649, one year after the War, the Swedish colonel Carl Didriksson Ruth became the owner of Ulrichshusen Castle and therefore patron of the church. An epitaph from 1657 and an armor on the South wall keep the memory alive.

The original bell that came back in 2011 was a donation of this new patron and his wife Anna Sophia von Holtzendorff when they came to Ulrichshusen. The inscription “ALLE STUND EIN SCHRIT NEHR / KOMBT DER THOT GESCHLICHEN HEER.” reads in English: Every hour one step closer / death is creeping in.

The nave is covered by a flat wooden ceiling on beams. The altar and the pulpit date from around 1610, the upper part of the altar from 1774. The paintings of the Passion recur to motives used by Albrecht Durer, then widely known through wood block prints. The coats of arms of the Maltzan, von Kardorff, von dem Berge and von der Schulenburg families are presented on the pulpit.

Around 1870 new large candleholders were installed. In 1873 a gallery was added alongside the Northern and Western wall together with new benches, all in light gray tones. The charming frugal style reflects local rural traditions.

In 2011 the Friends set up a neo baroque organ built in 1933 by the Danish organ builder Zacharias Marcussen thanks to generous donations.

The Rambow Church is a classified historic monument.

  Kirche Innenraum, Blick auf die Orgel    
  Foto Blick auf den Altar    
  Karte von 1756    
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  Lutheran Church in Rambow
Interior view with galleries and organ
Kirche Rambow, Altar
  Lutheran Church in Rambow
Wie auf einer Insel mitten im Dorf steht die Kirche auf einer Karte von 1756
  On a map from 1756 you see
the church like an island in the middle
of the Rambow village.
(Detail, Staatsarchiv Schwerin)